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Stoltzシュトルツ Shutorutsu? was Stark's older brother. He was a sword-wielding warrior and defended his hometown against a Demon attack while buying time for his little brother to escape.


Stoltz was a kind brother to Stark. Despite his outwardly harsh words, such as when he called Stark hopeless, he helped his little brother train and corrected his stances. When Stark dirtied his spotless white cape, rather than responding in anger, Stoltz praised him for his concentration. On Stark's birthday, he cooked a huge Hamburg steak for Stark. Eisen had previously described this custom as an honor for warriors who were working hard, demonstrating Stoltz' belief in Stark's ability. Stoltz was brave and cared immensely about Stark. He stayed behind to fight against the demon razing his hometown, but told his brother to escape and live on.


Stoltz Appearance

Stoltz' full appearance.

Stoltz had red hair and red eyes. He was taller than his father. Stoltz wore a long white tunic lined with gray and fastened at the waist with a golden belt. The tunic was asymmetrical and had a larger slit along one side which was held together by two fastenings. Beneath the tunic, Stoltz wore a black, turtleneck undershirt with sleeves that partially covered his hands. He wore dark gray pants and black boots that went to mid calf. On top of his tunic, Stoltz wore a long, spotless white cape with a gray cloth gorget. The pristine condition of his cape marked him as the pride of the village.


Stoltz was the elder brother of Stark and the strongest warrior of his village. He was always praised by his father for his strength and the fact that he could best an opponent without getting a scratch or a speck of dirt on his cape. After a monster subjugation, Stoltz' father harshly criticized the other warriors from the village, and told them they should look at Stoltz and his pristine white cape as an example. As Stoltz and his father walked back home, they passed Stark who was training alone. Contrary to Stoltz, his father called Stark a failure. Stoltz at first seemed to agree with his father, stating that he was going to train his foolish younger brother. His father told him not to be too mean to Stark; he, on the other hand, was heading home, as he felt Stark was a waste of time and it was starting to rain. Stoltz approached Stark, who was deeply focused and did not sense his brother's approach. Stark's swing hit the ground and splattered mud over Stoltz' cape. Stark quickly apologized, but Stoltz was not angry. He smiled and praised Stark's concentration and then taught him how to fix his stance, kneeling down and sullying the bottom of his cape with mud to do so.

Stark later recalls that for his birthday, Stoltz would secretly cook him an enormous Hamburg steak for his birthday. As Hamburg steaks in warrior tradition were cooked for warriors who had worked hard, showing that Stoltz always acknowledged Stark as a warrior.

Some time after this, Stoltz' village was attacked by demons. Stoltz faced the demons with the other warriors of his village. As the battle progressed, the entire village went up in flames. Eventually, Stoltz and a few other warriors faced down a Demon General. Stoltz turned around, and seeing Stark holding a wooden sword but trembling in fear, he placed his hand lovingly on Stark's cheek and told him to run and live. This caused Stark to break down, but he eventually obeyed his brother and ran. Seeing his brother escape to safety, Stoltz turned around and faced the demon with a smile. Presumably, Stoltz met his end at the hands of the demons who attacked his village.



Stoltz loved his younger brother greatly despite calling him foolish in front of their father. He was patient and kind with Stark. When Stark splattered mud on his cape during training, he didn't get angry and instead complimented Stark's strengths and worked with him on his weaknesses. He valued Stark above his title as the pride of the village, shown when he was willing to sully the pristine white cape that marked him as the village's pride to kneel and meet Stark at his level. Despite their father's belief that Stark was a failure, Stoltz believed in Stark's abilities and thought of Stark as a warrior. For Stark's birthday, he cooked Stark a huge Hamburg steak in secret, a warrior tradition that honored those who worked hard. When their village was razed by demons, Stoltz told Stark to run and to live on. Despite the threat he was facing, he smiled as Stark ran away, happy that his younger brother would be able to survive.


  • Stoltz was referred to as the strongest warrior in the village. His father called him the pride of their village. Stoltz fought with a sword. He wore a spotless white cape, which was a demonstration of his strength.

Manga Appearance[]

Travels to Äußerst Arc
Chapter 24: The Elves' Wish Absent
Chapter 25: The Village of the Sword Absent
Chapter 26: A Gift to a Warrior Flashback Debut
Chapter 27: A Priest from an Ordinary Village Absent
Chapter 28: The Priest and His Regret Absent
Chapter 29: Ideal Adult Absent
Chapter 30: Mirrored Lotus Absent
Chapter 31: Chaos Flower Absent
Chapter 32: The Orden Family Absent
Chapter 33: Old Man Voll Absent
Chapter 34: The Statues of Heroes Absent
Chapter 35: A Reason to Begin the Journey Absent
Chapter 36: Emotional Support Absent


  • Stoltz is a German surname from "Stolz," a German noun meaning "pride."
  • The appearance of one of the demons that attacked Stoltz' village is similar to the Demon General Rivale.
  • Stoltz placed 30th in the first official popularity contest.