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Frierenフリーレン Furīren? is the main protagonist of Frieren: Beyond Journey's End. She was the Mage of the Hero Party and traveled alongside Hero Himmel, Warrior Eisen, and Priest Heiter in a ten-year journey to defeat the Demon King.


Frieren has an easy-going personality; however, her aloof attitude makes her a mystery to her peers, with Heiter commenting that they as Humans cannot perceive an Elf's feelings. As an Elf that has lived for at least a millennium, she has a poor sense of time that manifests in a bad habit of being unable to get up in the morning, along with a deeper inability to comprehend how time passes for Humans. This is, in part, a reason for Frieren's aloof attitude, since she sees large lengths of time as too brief for her to form meaningful connections. For instance, she thought of a ten-year journey with her comrades as short and believed she knew nothing about the Hero Himmel even up until his passing. However, following Himmel's funeral, she made the decision to get to know Humans better.

Although she is generally stoic, carefree, and often lacks tact, Frieren also has things she is emotionally sensitive to. She was embarrassed when others discovered her mana detection is interrupted for a fraction of a second when a spell is cast, a common error for apprentice mages that she hasn't been able to overcome. She is sensitive to people calling her old and held a grudge against Stark for doing so twice. When she is upset, she is capable of throwing a tantrum that can result in her crying for upwards of three days, scaring the other members of the Hero's Party. It also implied that she is somewhat insecure about her body, as she occasionally shows hints of jealousy over the size of Fern's bust.


Frieren is a petite, female elf with green eyes, thick eyebrows, and long, white hair parted in the middle and tied into two high pigtails. Like all elves, she has large, pointed ears. She wears a striped black and white shirt, along with a white jacket tucked into a skirt with a black belt. The sleeves of her jacket end with large, gold cuffs. Both her jacket and skirt have gold trims along the edges. Over her jacket, she wears a short cape that matches the white and gold theme of her jacket and skirt, and the cape includes decorative, gold accents with red jewels on each shoulder and a high collar that is fastened with a red jewel. She also wears black tights, brown boots, and a pair of gold earrings with red, teardrop-shaped jewels hanging from each earring.

During her travels, Frieren carries a brown briefcase holding various magic items and personal belongings. When casting spells as a mage, she utilizes a red staff with a gold, crescent-shaped tip that holds a red jewel in its center. Her staff has gold accents and a red ribbon tied at the tip.

In the colder seasons, Frieren wears a high-collared and long-sleeved white dress with gold accents and buttons down the chest instead of her usual jacket, skirt, and cape. Additionally, she layers a beige coat with a flap collar and buttons over her dress and dons a blue scarf tied on the side.

When she was training under Flamme a thousand years prior, Frieren let her hair down to her waist and wore simple, white dresses and brown sandals. During Frieren's solitary lifestyle after Flamme's death, she tied her hair into her typical pigtails and wore a white dress with a black belt and beige cape.



Frieren's unrestrained mana EP10

Frieren's unrestrained mana.

  • Immense mana output: Frieren's unrestrained mana output is incredibly high. She is shown to have considerably more mana than even Aura, a five-hundred year-old demon and one of the Seven Sages of Destruction. Frieren's overall mana output is noted to be comparable to Serie's restrained output.[6]
  • Mana concealment: Trained by her mentor, Flamme, Frieren has mastered the art of concealing her mana, and she uses it as a deception strategy against demons. Her skill in concealment is exceptional, and she has practiced limiting her mana for so long that even experienced mages, such as Aura[7] and Falsch[8], cannot detect instability in her mana. Only a few mages have seen through her restriction, the most notable being the Demon King, who saw through her in an instant. She can even suppress her mana enough to avoid detection by a Stille, but only while staying still.[9] [10]
  • Restraint and Hypnosis Magic resistance: Frieren has been shown to be resistant to most conventional binding and hypnosis spells. Methode remarked that her mental defences were attributed to an "old technique" that could possibly be bypassed only by specialists.[11]
  • Analytical ability: Frieren is highly adept at analyzing magics and countering them. This applies even to magic used by the Seven Sages of Destruction which are said to defy all intelligence and reason. She has analyzed and countered the magic used by two of the Sages of Destruction: Aura the Guillotine and Macht of the Golden Land. Along with the Hero Party, she was also able to break through the impenetrable barrier of Böse the Immortal.


  • Offensive magic: Zoltraak: A simple spell that shoots either a large blast or multiple smaller blasts of concentrated mana. Frieren contributed to the research of this magic, modifying it from Qual's Human Killing Magic to Demon Killing Magic. Due to the novelty of the spell, Frieren is unable to react to it immediately and instinctively and thus has a slightly delayed reaction when defending against it.[12]
  • Defensive magic: Like most modern mages, Frieren is capable of casting defensive magic in the form of a hexagonal protective barriers that can defend specific locations or encircle the caster. This defense spell is mainly used against offensive magic like Zoltraak.
Dispelling magic

Frieren dispels Auserlese on Aura's victims.

  • Dispelling magic: Frieren is capable of analyzing an opponent's spell and cancel out the effects of the spell. Her staff glows golden while casting the dispelling magic. It is first seen in use against Aura's undead army, where Frieren frees corpses from Aura's Auserlese.
  • Spell to produce a field of flowers: Frieren was taught her mentor's favorite magic, magic to produce a beautiful field of flowers, which holds sentimental value to her. Frieren is able to choose what flowers grow as long as she has seen the flower before. As per Flamme's last wishes, she grows a field of flowers around her master's grave with the spell and avoids using the spell due to it bringing up memories of her.[13]
  • Spell that shuts the door of a treasure vault at the risk of your life: A binding spell that is considered top-rated in folk magic, which Frieren's Spiegel clone uses to seal the entrance of the Spiegel's main body and a treasure vault. The seal only breaks upon the caster's death.
  • Destructive Lightning: Judradjim: Frieren casts multiple bolts of lightning from her staff directed towards the target. She is first shown using this during the battle against her Spiegel clone.[14][15]
  • Hellfire Summoning: Vollzanbel: Frieren creates a large blast of fire in front of herself, enveloping the battlefield.[16][15] It can melt anything such as a falling column when Frieren and her clone used it at the same time.
  • Spell that creates a black hole: A spell used by Frieren's clone that creates a black hole that attracts surrounding objects in, ultimately vaporizing them.[17]
  • Unnamed shattering spell: A colorful spell that appears to cause fragments around the caster to shatter.[17]
Height of Magic EP26

Frieren's clone attacks Fern with a spell considered the Height of Magic.

  • "The Height of Magic": An offensive attack that Frieren's clone uses as a last resort. Mana cannot be sensed when the attack is used, and targets of the attack are unable to recognize it as a spell.[18] It seems to create strong gravity that repels the target.[17] The attack is so strong that it pins Fern against a wall and destroys her staff, but it also leaves the caster's guard completely down.
  • Unnamed protective spell: A protective spell that Frieren developed after completing her two-month analysis on Macht's Diagoldze, which was considered a curse. It nullifies it and makes it ineffective.
  • Unnamed memory transference magic: An advanced mental magic spell that transfers memories from the user to a target, or from a target to the user. Frieren uses this spell to receive Denken's memories.
  • Mana Strike: After being provoked by Solitär into believing that she killed Fern and Stark, a silent but angered Frieren was easily able to cast it against an attacking Solitär and blasts her away, though she is still not yet adept at using it compared to her.


  • Mana detection interruption: Frieren lacks certain magical basics, and her mana detection is interrupted the moment she casts a spell. This leaves her open to mages that are particularly good at mana concealment and can attack her while she is occupied with casting spells. However, this is often negligible due to her other talents and is not a vulnerability that can be easily exploitable by any mage.[19]

Manga Appearance[]

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Foundation Festival Arc
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Chapter 129: Shadow of the Empire Appears
Chapter 130: Beneath the Water's Surface Appears


  • Frieren means "being cold" or "to be freezing" in German.
  • Frieren states that her favorite winter flower is the icicle cherry blossom.[20]
  • Frieren hates onions.[21]
  • Throughout her lifetime, Frieren has lost eleven times to mages who have less mana than her. Four of those were demons, with Qual and Macht among them; one was an elf, and the remaining six were humans.
  • Frieren ranked the following in the official popularity polls:
    • 2nd in the first popularity contest with 11820565 points.
    • 5th in the second popularity contest with 816279 votes, where multiple votes per character were counted.
      • In this same contest, Frieren ranked 1st when counting only unique votes (one vote per character per person).


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