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I'll teach you the secret to winning against a strong opponent. It's simple. Keep getting back up over and over and use your moves to strike them. The last warrior standing wins.
—Eisen, in Chapter 20

Eisenアイゼン Aizen? is a Dwarf and the former Warrior of the Hero Party that defeated the Demon King, consisting of himself alongside Frieren, Himmel and Heiter. As a Dwarf, he has a much longer lifespan than most humans, but a shorter one than Elves.


Eisen is a witty and troublesome person, and failing to show respect to the king prior to their adventure almost had him and Himmel executed. Eisen is also known to be rather careless and tough, jumping down from extreme heights without a scratch.

He initially did not believe in religion, and thought of the deaths of his family in a matter-of-fact manner, shown by having them in a mass grave with a simple stone. However, after listening to Heiter say that he wants to believe they are in Heaven because it would be more comforting to the deceased, Eisen adopted the practice of praying at their graves. He has maintained this practice even in his old age.


As a male Dwarf, Eisen is of short stature and has a strong build. His brown hair and beard are of similar length and reach past his chest, and most of his face is obstructed by his beard and a horned helmet with a nose guard.

Eisen wears a red cape with armor on his shoulders and a brown tunic underneath. Additionally, he wields a large, double-headed axe in battle.

In old age, Eisen has a notably thinner build, losing the majority of the muscle mass in his arms.


  • Physical abilities:
    • Superhuman durability
    • Superhuman strength
    • Poison resistance[1]
    • Axe proficiency
  • Techniques:
    • Lightning Strike

Manga Appearance[]

Beyond Journey's End Arc
Chapter 1: The Journey's End Debut
Chapter 2: The Priest's Lie Absent
Chapter 3: Blue-Moon Weed Flashback
Chapter 4: The Mage's Secret Flashback
Chapter 5: Killing Magic Flashback
Chapter 6: New Year's Festival Flashback
Chapter 7: The Land Where Souls Rest Appears
Chapter 8: One One-Hundredth Appears
Chapter 9: Phantoms of the Dead Absent
Chapter 10: Solar Dragon Flashback
Chapter 11: The Hero of the Village Flashback
Chapter 12: The Northern Checkpoint Flashback
Chapter 13: Liberation Festival Flashback
Aura the Guillotine Arc
Chapter 14: Monsters That Speak Flashback
Chapter 15: Draht Absent
Chapter 16: The Murder of a Guard Absent
Chapter 17: Frieren the Slayer Absent
Chapter 18: The Undead Army Flashback
Chapter 19: Raid Absent
Chapter 20: Master's Technique Flashback
Chapter 21: Coward Absent
Chapter 22: The Scales of Obedience Flashback
Chapter 23: A Victory and a Funeral Flashback
Travels to Äußerst Arc
Chapter 24: The Elves' Wish Flashback
Chapter 25: The Village of the Sword Flashback
Chapter 26: A Gift to a Warrior Flashback
Chapter 27: A Priest from an Ordinary Village Flashback
Chapter 28: The Priest and His Regret Absent
Chapter 29: Ideal Adult Flashback
Chapter 30: Mirrored Lotus Flashback
Chapter 31: Chaos Flower Absent
Chapter 32: The Orden Family Flashback
Chapter 33: Old Man Voll Flashback
Chapter 34: The Statues of Heroes Absent
Chapter 35: A Reason to Begin the Journey Flashback
Chapter 36: Emotional Support Flashback
First-Class Mage Exam Arc
Chapter 37: The First-Class Exam Flashback
Chapter 38: Stille—Meteoric Iron Bird Flashback
Chapter 39: Commence Capture Strategy Absent
Chapter 40: A Spell to Capture a Bird Absent
Chapter 41: Time for Resolve Absent
Chapter 42: A Reason to Fight Absent
Chapter 43: Privilege Absent
Chapter 44: Recapture the Stille Absent
Chapter 45: Water-Manipulation Magic Absent
Chapter 46: An Even-Better Flavor Flashback
Chapter 47: Fern and Her Baked Sweets Flashback
Chapter 48: The Ruin's of the King's Tomb Flashback
Chapter 49: Dungeons and Magical Items Absent
Chapter 50: Spiegel—A Water-Mirror Demon Absent
Chapter 51: Dungeon Battle Absent
Chapter 52: Strategy Meeting Flashback
Chapter 53: An Era of Humans Absent
Chapter 54: A Spell that Slashes Almost Anything Absent
Chapter 55: The Second Exam Ends Absent
Chapter 56: Fern's Staff Absent
Chapter 57: The Third Exam Flashback
Chapter 58: Serie's Intuition Absent
Chapter 59: With a Little Help Flashback
Chapter 60: Departure and Farewell Flashback
Continued Northern Travels Arc
Chapter 61: Magic-Nullifying Crystal Flashback
Chapter 62: Why I Set Out on This Journey Absent
Chapter 63: The Hero of the South Flashback
Chapter 64: The Demon with a Sword Flashback
Chapter 65: The Secret Hot Spring of the Etwas Mountains Flashback
Chapter 66: The Places She Would Like Flashback
Chapter 67: Peaceful Time Flashback
Chapter 68: Northern Plateau Flashback
Chapter 69: Boshaft-The Emperor's Spirit Flashback
Chapter 70: The Norm Company Absent
The Golden Land Arc
Chapter 77: A Thunder of Dragons Flashback
Chapter 78: Lake Korridor Flashback
Chapter 79: The Great Tor Canyon Flashback
Chapter 80: Holy Snow Crystals Flashback
Chapter 81: The Golden Land Flashback
Chapter 82: Diagoldze—The Spell to Transmute All Creation into Gold Absent
Chapter 83: The Stone Bracelet of Servitude Absent
Chapter 84: Daredevil Absent
Chapter 85: Malice Absent
Chapter 86: Discussions Absent
Chapter 87: Affection Absent
Chapter 88: Solitär Absent
Chapter 89: Guilt Absent
Chapter 90: Glück Absent
Chapter 91: Onstage Absent
Chapter 92: The End of Weise Absent
Chapter 93: The Great Barrier Absent
Chapter 94: Analysis Absent
Chapter 95: Nameless Great Demon Absent
Chapter 96: Master and Apprentice Absent
Chapter 97: Observation Flashback
Chapter 98: Retribution Absent
Chapter 99: Offense and Defense Absent
Chapter 100: The Fundamentals of Mages Absent
Chapter 101: Breakthrough Absent
Chapter 102: A Tie Flashback
Chapter 103: Time for Retribution Absent
Chapter 104: A Visit to Her Grave Absent
Goddess's Monument Arc
Chapter 105: Golem Absent
Chapter 106: Sky-Mountain Dragon Flashback
Chapter 107: The Monument of the Goddess Appears
Chapter 108: Reunion Appears
Chapter 109: Zart the Remnant Appears
Chapter 110: The Party of Heroes Appears
Chapter 111: Escort Mission Appears
Chapter 112: Faith Appears
Chapter 113: Abyssal Dragon Appears
Chapter 114: The Sword of the Hero Appears
Chapter 115: Best Friend Appears
Chapter 116: Spell to Return Appears
Chapter 117: Miraculous Illusion Appears
Chapter 118: Vialathor Appears
Chapter 119: Memories Absent
Imperial Territory Travels Arc
Chapter 120: False Image of a Hero Flashback
Chapter 121: Monsters on the Road Absent
Chapter 122: The Titan Fortress Ruins Absent
Chapter 123: Proof of Perseverance Flashback
Chapter 124: Shadow Warrior Absent
Chapter 125: Family Absent



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